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HOME - A Hymn to The Planet and Humanity

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HOME, the book was made to make people go further in their understanding of the movie mentionned issues.
There are in the book :
- 84 Yann Arthus-Bertrand photographs with some taken during the movie shooting to make people aware of the necessity to protect the environment ;
- 9 chapters with a quick summary of the main environmental issues ( Earth, agriculture, cities, oil, climate change, the oceans, water, forests and human kind) made by 5 GoodPlanet writers.



A New We - Ecological Communities and Ecovillages in Europe

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A New We

— Ecological Communities and Ecovillages in Europe


A two-hour documentary — available now on DVD. 

"Every once in a while, a film comes along that can transform the way we live. A New We by the Austrian filmmaker Stefan Wolf is such a film..."
- Will M. Tuttle, Ph.D., author, The World Peace Diet

The variety of situations and voices in A New We inspires hope for the future of humanity and all life on the planet. The lives shown here are more motivated by imagination, vision, respect and cooperation than by economic forces and social expectations. In these 10 communities, the creative solutions to many social, environmental and economic challenges exemplify the nearly infinite capacity for human-, community- and self-development.

It’s a film that enlightens, encourages and spreads hope – for a new world and A New We 

The FIC is proud to announce that it is the sole North American distributor of the English language DVD of A New We (in the NTSC format), a two-hour video created in 2010 by Austrian Stefan Wolf that profiles 10 different European communities with a core commitment to sustainability.


Ecocities - Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature

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Ecocities - Rebuilding Cities in Balance with NatureEcoCities
Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature

by Richard Register (Author) 


ISBN: 9780865715523

Talks about re-building cities and towns based on ecological principles for the long term sustainability, cultural vitality and health of the Earth's biosphere. This book describes the place of the city in evolution, nature and history. It focuses on the question of accessibility and transportation, and outlines design principles for the ecocity.

Throughout, this new edition is generously illustrated with the author's own inspired visions of what such rebuilt cities might actually look like.


As We Build So Shall We Live
The City in Evolution
The City in Nature
The City in History
The City Today
Access and Transportation
What to Build
Plunge On In -- Economics and Politics
Tools to Fit the Task
What the Fast Breaking News May Mean
Toward Strategies for Success


Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory

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Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory: The Dharma of Natural System Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory: The Dharma of Natural System (Buddhist Studies Series) (Paperback)

By: Joanna R. MacY (Author)

ISBN: 0791406377

Publisher: State Univ of New York Pr



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Guru Nanak and Ecology

Item Code: IDF804

by Gurbachan Singh Bachan

Hardcover (Edition: 2004)

Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
ISBN 8177700901

Size: 8.6" X 5.6"
Pages: 308 (B & W Figures: 31)




About the Author:

Dr. Gurbachan Singh Retired as Professor and chairman of Guru Gobind Singh Chair, Guru Nanak Dev University on 30.6.2003. He did his M.A. & Ph. D. from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

He started his teaching career as lecturer in Geography Lyallpur Khalsa College, jalandhar from 1970 to 1978. He served as Programme coordinator N.S.S. Guru Nanak Dev University from 1.1.1979 to September 1996. He worked on deputation as state Liaison officer N. S. S. and as Director Youth Services Punjab. He also served as O.S.D. and Secretary S.G.P.C. from 1999 to April 2002.

At present Secretary General Earthcare Institute. An N.G.O. engaged in activities which tries to mitigate ecological problems on earth.



What is Ecology, system of Ecology, origin of Biology, Definition, ecosystem
Greek mythology, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Ecological perception of Guru Nanak
Pre Universe Era, Cosmic Haze Era, Creation of the present Universe, creation of Atmosphere, Land and water in Guru Nanak Bani, Creation of Mankind, Placement of Earth and Present Position, Mineral Wealth, Sun-Moon Relation, Rivers and River System, Guru Nanak and Water Mining, Flora and Fauna
Mythological Ecology, Historical Ecology, Ecology and Religious Institutions, Religious Landscapes, Value based Classification, Creation, Human Ecology, Life Styles Ecology, Man-woman Relationship, Friend ship Ecology, Service Ecology, Generative and Liberative Effects of Education
Ecology and Geography of Creator, Route of Creators, Appearance of Non Physical, Definition of Man, Divine Grace and Ecological Changes, God, Determinism, Possibilism.
Creation and Transmission of knowledge, Application of knowledge, Ecological Contribution of Guru Nanak, Nature of Guru Nanak Bani

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